Yak-28P "Firebar" Soviet Medium Jet Interceptor

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Tillverkare: Bobcat Model Produktnummer: 48001 Releasedatum: 2017 Skala: 1:48 Nation: U.S.S.R./Ryssland Tidsperiod: WWII

Tillverkarens beskrivning

The Yakovlev Yak-28 was a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber, it was also manufactured in reconnaissance, electronic warfare, interceptor, and trainer versions, known by the NATO reporting names Brewer, Firebar, and Maestro respectively. Based on the Yak-129 prototype first flown on 5 March 1958, it began to enter service in 1960.

Yak-28P (Izdeliye 40) (NATO reporting name - "Firebar") - A dedicated long-range interceptor version, the Yak-28P was developed from 1960 and deployed operationally from 1964. It omitted the internal weapons bay in favor of additional fuselage tanks (its fuel capacity was considerable, limited by weight rather than volume), and added a new 'Oriol-D' interception radar compatible with the R-98 (AA-3 'Anab') air-to-air missile. Late production "upgraded" Yak-28Ps had a longer radome of pure conical shape and enhanced armament. Produced until 1967, with 435 built. [wikipedia]

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