Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Workable Tracks

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Tillverkare: Meng Model Produktnummer: SPS-038 Releasedatum: 2017 Skala: 1:35

Tillverkarens beskrivning

The King Tiger was a fearsome weapon in the battlefield, but MENG doesn’t want modellers to be terrified by our King Tiger model kit. Our design team hopes to bring modellers enjoyable modelling experience by providing more reasonable configuration and easier building tools.

  • Metal pins are included in the SPS-038 German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Workable Tracks kit. So the tracks will be firmer and will have better details.
  • A whole set of torsion bar parts are also included in the workable tracks set.
  • A combination of movable suspension and workable tracks will help make a more realistic model.
  • The TS-031 King Tiger kit includes a track assembly jag which can be used for easier positioning of the link & length tracks included in the TS-031 kit. The jag can also be used to assist the assembly of the SPS-038 movable tracks.
  • The King Tiger kit also includes tools that can be used for easier bending of the PE parts.
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