U.S.Medium Tank M4A1 Sherman

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Tillverkare: Meng Model Produktnummer: WWT-002 Releasedatum: 2017 Skala: Ägg

Tillverkarens beskrivning

You must have ever dreamt of being a soldier fighting fiercely with enemies on the battlefield. Being a military game fan, have you ever expected a cartoon war game? This year, Roqovan Studio from the U.S. brings us a cartoonish FPS game, the World War Toons. Set in the WWII era, soldiers, guns and even tanks are cartoonized in this game. Moreover, the World War Toons is the first FPS game on the PlayStation VR platform. The combination of the brand-new VR technology and the excellent game will bring players unprecedented game experience. We have the honor to announce that MENG works together with Roqovan Studio to present World War Toons series model kits. The lively figures and cute tanks in the game will show up in the real life. MENG’s World War Toons model kits were unveiled on the USS Iowa (BB-61) Battleship in the World War Toons launch party. Now, let’s follow the photos and video to feel the charm of World War Toons!
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