Gekko Type 11 Late Production

Byggsats från Tamiya i skala 1:48.

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Tillverkare: Tamiya Produktnummer: 61078 Releasedatum: 2001 Skala: 1:48 Nation: Japan Tidsperiod: WWII

Tillverkarens beskrivning

Originally developed as a long-range fighter, the Japanese Navy's Gekko Model 11 (Allied reporting name "Irving") eventually became a successful nightfighter against B-17, B-24, and B-29 bombers. This kit accurately reproduces this aircraft with its twin Sakae engines and 20mm cannons which were mounted to fire at an upward angle.

  • Graceful form of the late-production Gekko has been accurately reproduced.
  • Upward-firing 20mm cannons and their magazines feature a high level of detail. Inspection hatch may be assembled in either open or closed position.
  • Two crew figures and two marking options included.

The Gekko was fitted with four Type 99 Model 2 20mm cannons, two which fired upward at a 30 degrees and two which fired downward at the same angle. With 100 rounds per gun, this gave the Gekko plenty of firepower with which to attack incoming bombers. Some aircraft were fitted with three upward-firing guns and others had the downward firing guns removed.
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